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The National Sports Collectors Convention is an annual gathering of collectors, dealers and any other groups interested in collecting trading cards, autographs and other related memorabilia.

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The National Sports Collectors Convention: A Legacy of Collecting Excellence

The National Sports Collectors Convention stands as an annual rendezvous for collectors, dealers, and all enthusiasts passionate about trading cards, autographs, and related memorabilia.

In 1980, a small group of collectors convened in a modest hotel ballroom at the Los Angeles International Airport Marriott, marking the inaugural National Sports Collectors Convention. Since those humble beginnings, The National has evolved into an extravagant, once-a-year event, now recognized as the premier showcase in the collectibles industry.

To ensure the participation of collectors and exhibitors from across the nation, the founders made a visionary decision—the event would travel to different locations. Early Nationals found homes in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, and the New York metropolitan area, creating a dynamic and inclusive tradition that continues to captivate collectors nationwide.

The National has grown to be a mega-event which can be housed in only a few locations in the country. But it still attracts all aspects of the collectibles industry. No other event can boast of participation by most of the licensing agencies of the major professional sports world along with dealers of vintage card and collectibles and the most current collectible products anywhere. With support from the major card manufacturers, card grading services, auction houses as well as from the licensees of these groups, the National is the event to attend each summer.

The recently completed National Sports Collectors Convention exceeded all expectations. Attendance was strong and reviews from the industry were extremely positive from attendees, exhibitors, manufacturers and licensors. The show saw a record sale of VIP Packages before the show began and a sellout of all dealer booths once again. The National always sets the pace when it comes to highlighting new hobby innovations. Plans are already underway for next year's National!

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